Nurse Aide Training Programs

MAP 414

You may now submit changes to your program or request to start a new program online!

MOI Workshop:

There are 2 approved providers for the Methods of Instruction Course. Please register directly with each provider.

KAHCF will be hosting a MOI course on the following dates:

KCTCS MOI course

Register for our new MOI course.  This asynchronous course allows timely training and flexible access for new instructors.  KCTCS charges $250 for the course which takes 16 hours to complete, at your own pace.

Nurse Aide Training Programs

The Commonwealth of Kentucky, Cabinet for Health and Family Services, and the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) have entered into an agreement relating to Kentucky nurse aide training and program oversight. 

This agreement provides a seamless way to ensure nurse aide students receive a top-notch education and that quality standards are met at all facilities providing training in Kentucky. The goal is a standard of training that focus resident care so all Kentuckians can be assured of the best health outcomes possible.

Under the new agreement, KCTCS will perform the following functions related to all Kentucky nurse aide training programs:

  • Process all MAP-414’s submitted by LTC facilities.
  • Send official approval/denial letters to each MAP-414 applicant.
  • Provide initial program approvals/denials for all Kentucky nurse aide training programs.
  • Assign training provider approval numbers.
  • Perform all initial on-site visits to verify program compliance.
  • Perform all annual on-site visits for non-Office of Inspector General surveyed programs.
  • Track OIG surveys and enforce decertification of nurse aide training programs.
  • Review, approve or deny all plans of correction.
  • Track all changes that a program is required to send within 30 days.
  • Send official notices of those changes, including effective dates.
  • Review, approve or deny all clinical instructor requests, clinical site requests, and skills videos for online nurse aide programs.
  • Perform all site visits if a requested clinical site does not have an active nurse aide training program.
  • Approve or deny clinical sites that do not have an active nurse aide training program.
  • Receive all phone calls and emails regarding all nurse aide training programs.

To meet these objectives, KCTCS has created the following key communication avenues:

The Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Department of Medicaid Services (DMS) will continue to reimburse for the nurse aide training program.  Please continue to request reimbursements through the already established processes.  While KCTCS will be administering the program, DMS will provide oversight and technical assistance.

KCTCS and the Cabinet are working hand-in-hand to make this transition as smooth as possible for all training providers. If you have questions about this agreement, please reach out to us via the email or the phone number listed above.