Resources for Nurse Aide Students

Important Information:

KCTCS has an important message regarding ​the KY.GOV online payment processing system used when scheduling a Nurse Aide State Exam online. Beginning August 1, 2022, all credit card payments will be processed immediately at the time of scheduling a state exam. There will no longer be a delay in payment processing of 5 days prior to the scheduled exam date. 

Please contact us at ​ if you have any questions or concerns.


You have found the #1 source for nurse aide information in KY! That might be an exaggeration, but this site has some wonderful resources for you. Your local KNAT Coordinator is your go-to resource for questions concerning nurse aide training and testing.

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Good luck on your journey!

Nurse Aide Laws

Medicaid Services Manual- all nurse aide training programs are required to follow the regulations and guidelines contained in this manual.

Nurse Aide Training Criteria and Registry

Prohibition Against Employing Certain Felons- Nurse Aides with certain felonies will be barred from employment. Please read if this may pertain to your situation.

TB Infection Control Regulation Update- Overview of the new TB infection control regulations. Please speak with your instructor if you have any questions regarding this information.

Nurse Aide Study Guide

Nurse Aide Study Guide **Important Notice** Significant changes have been made to this version of the study guide that impact skills for testing.   You will be tested on the most recent version of the study guide regardless of when you completed training.

This is perhaps the most important item for nurse aide students on this page. There are so many great nuggets of information contained in it that it is just too much to list! Your training provider is required by regulation to provide you with a copy of your very own to keep.

Curriculum Crosswalk for all approved textbooks.

Cost of Testing:  The cost of testing has been increased as follows:

Written test only:  $40

Peformance test only:  $75

Written Test - oral:  $55

Secondary Students enrolled in a Patient Care Technician course

The Patient Care Technician pathway with KDE/OCTEST will not qualify students to take the Medicaid Nurse Aide Competency Exam to be a State Registered Nurse Aide.  Please consult with your instructor.

Nurse Aide Post-Test Survey

We would love to hear about your testing experience.  Please complete this Survey

Nurse Aide Grade Appeals

A formal process has been established for test takers to appeal their grades on the compentency evaluation.   Grade appeals should be based on testing irregularities or process violations.  

Elder Abuse

You have a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. If you need information concerning how to report elder abuse, the signs of elder abuse, please visit the Elder Abuse Awareness site operated by the KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Department of Community Based Services. Abuse may be reported 24 hours a day at 1-800-752-6200, calls can be made anonymously.