Approved Training Provider Registration

Who can access the system?  All nurse aide training providers will be able to register their own nurse aide students at any KCTCS testing location. 

How do nurse aide training providers access the system?  Great question!  So glad you asked. Nurse aide training program coordinators need to do the following:

1.  Have your nurse aide training provider number handy.

2.  Go to Kentucky Interactive to create an account.

3.  Report your new Kentucky Interactive account username to KCTCS via our handy reporting tool.

Easy as pie!  Just keep in mind, if you have multiple nurse aide training numbers, you must create a Kentucky Interactive account for each one.  

It is highly suggested to use a generic email or distribution list not associated with an individual person for all account creations and when reporting your username to KCTCS. This will make it easier to maintain access and security with a simple password or distribution list membership change when there is employee turnover and reduce or eliminate any downtime in your ability to schedule testing.

What if my employees are trained by a third-party training provider?  Your contracted training provider will be required to schedule your employees.