Booking an Online Nurse Aide Test

Congratulations!  Nurse aide training has been complete and you are ready to schedule your assessment.  

There are two entities that can schedule an online test.

  • An approved Kentucky Nurse Aide Training Provider, and
  • An indiviual that needs to schedule their own retake exam

You may pick which path applies to you, and take the next step toward testing.

Nurse Aide Training Providers

Approved KY Nurse Aide Training Providers are required to schedule their employees/students to test.  Retakes may be scheduled as well.

Employees that successfully complete a training program but separate from employment are required by Federal Regulation 42 CFR 483.154 part (c) (2) to pay for the ex-employees first attempt at the written and the performance assessments.  Any subsequent attempts will be the responsibility of the individual.

If you have never registered or are a new nurse aide training provider, please make sure you follow the instructions on how to register for access.

Once that is complete and verified, you will be granted access to the training provider booking portal to schedule your employees/students.

Please use the Training Provider Booking Resource Guide to lead you through the process.

Individual Retakes

An individual may schedule their own retake exam(s).  During this period of transition between the paper/pencil testing and the online testing, you will need to contact a nurse aide coordinator to obtain a retake code to the system.  Once you receive your retake code, please visit our individual booking page.

Please use the Test Taker Booking Resource Guide to lead you through the process.

For questions please feel to contact our support team.