Kentucky Medication Aide

KCTCS is the sole provider of training and testing for the Kentucky Medication Aide (KMA) program.  

The KMA program prepares the state registered nurse aide (SRNA) to administer specific medications in a long-term care facility as delegated and supervised by a licensed nurse.

Current SRNA's with 6 months of work experience and nursing students are encouraged to obtain this credential.

Please contact your local KNAT Coordinator for more information or to register for class offerings.

Limitations to Practice

Kentucky Medication Aides DO NOT:

  • Convert drug dosages.
  • Administer injectable medications, including medications via subcutaneous, intradermal, intramuscular, or intravenous route.
  • Administer medications via tubes inserted into any body cavity.
  • Administer Antineoplastic drugs.
  • Accept verbal/phone orders from those with prescriptive authority.
  • Dispense medications for residents temporarily out of the facility.

The use of glucometers and nebulizers are not covered in the Medication Aide Curriculum.  This falls under facility level policy.  If the facility allows medication aides to use glucometers and nebulizers, it is the facilities responsibility to train and evaluate competency.

For further clarification, see the Kentucky Board of Nursing’s Advisory Opinion Statement #15 – “Roles of Nurses in the Supervision and Delegation of Nursing Acts to Unlicensed Personnel”.