Nurse Aide Training Programs

PCA Quick Steps

  • Please read the information on the right.
  • Complete your self-attestation form.
  • Verify your employees are listed on the KBN PCA spreadsheet.
  • Contact your closest KCTCS Coordinator to schedule testing.
  • Submit your roster, self-attestation form, and MOI verification via secure fax.
  • Verify your employees have a copy fo their KBN PCA Approval Letter to submit the day of testing.
  • You may be asked to provide the KBN PCA Approval letter for each test candidate to reserve their testing date.

Failure to provide any of the required documents will result in cancellation of testing.

If you do not have an Approved Nurse Aide Training Program, please contact for assistance.

Personal Care Attendant

Are you a facility that trained a Temporary Personal Care Attendant and need testing? Your search for information is over! 

The Office of the Inspector General and Department of Medicaid Services issued a memo on May 24, 2021 , describing the legislation and giving timelines for completion of HB 276, which was signed into law on March 22, 2021.  This is the act related to temporary COVID-19 personal care attendants, that was enacted as emergency legislation during the 2021 regular session of the Kentucky General Assembly.  The language of HB 276 is included in this information. The Kentucky Department for Medicaid Services and Office of Inspector General is notifying all Medicaid-participating skilled nursing facilities of the following:

The process for eligibility to test has been discussed with the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) and the following plan has been approved. 

CMS agrees with the 80 hours of duties if, during that time, the PCA was:

1.) given instruction and allowed to practice all skills for the SRNA. During that time, the PCA must be under the instruction of an approved Medicaid Nurse Aide Instructor following 42 CFR 483.152.  

2.) given instruction following 42 CFR 483.152(a)(3&4). and

3.) assured that 42 CFR 483.152(c) was in effect. 

A self-attestation from the facility and the approved instructor will be accepted as meeting the above requirements when a facility submits a PCA test roster to a KCTCS testing location.  No roster will be accepted without the accompanying self-attestation.  You may also be asked to provide the KBN PCA Approval letter for each test candidate to reserve their testing date.

All PCA’s must be listed on the KBN PCA list.  If your employee is not listed on the KBN PCA list, please contact KBN as outlined on their site.